Monday, February 16, 2009

Swirling Ideas

Shuffling through vintage postcards, reading inspiring blogs, and sorting through weird stuff at a local antique store this past weekend, started a swirly of ideas. The lack of all resources and second thoughts about mentioning to my husband that I would be changing decor in the living room for the 11th time this year, persuaded me to let the ideas land on a list instead.

It seems that when I have the time and money, the ideas are sparse and even a "to do" list won't inspire motivation. Of course, when the ideas seem to gather and swirl like a tornado, the resources are lacking. Anyone else experience this phenomenon?

And then there are those moments....when the ideas, money, free time, and motivation all collide. Ahhhh, I live for those moments!


  1. Those moments are few & far between but when they arrive... wow! lol Love the blog Sarah x

  2. glad I'm not alone in this:)