Friday, December 10, 2010

Table 6 Productions

Every once in a while I google 'creatively kept' just to see what pops up.

Well, today I was in for a very pleasant surprise to find Creatively KEPT was featured not too long ago by Table 6 Productions. This surprise was even more pleasant because this site is so neat!! If you're planning your wedding or just want to check it out because you like great ideas for party planning, take a peek at

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Perfect Gift

newlyweds that have everything on their registry
the new mom that has enough baby clothes to dress triplets
grandma that has absolutely everything
wife, sister, or daughter that loves to scrapbook
special couple looking to preserve memories of their wedding day
sound familiar? anyone like this on your holiday gift list?
Visit my etsy shop and buy a gift certificate!!!
I'll mail you or them a beautiful gift certificate printed on card stock and they can simply contact me with the gift card number to redeem. Contact me to request specific dollar value.
I'll work closely with them to design a guest book or album that will be customized just for them in exactly the way they'd like it!

they'll love you for it...and so will I :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Contagious Holiday

By February every year, I'm so sick of holiday decorations I can't imagine how I could possibly want to decorate the next year or ever again. I even contemplate getting rid of all the decorations at just the thought of having to pack them up and put them back in the rafters of the always, the only thing that keeps me rational are the boys.

....then, comes mid November
there's something contagious about the holiday season
the fun ideas on fellow crafting blogs
really neat holiday finds on etsy
Christmas music
hand turkeys the boys bring home from school
I suddenly get the urge...
so, once again, I pull out all the Thanksgiving decorations about a week too late, knowing I'll pack them up and put them away in just a matter of days until next year
....I do it anyway, it's just a contagious urge
this year it was making a holiday banner
these are all over the crafting blog world and I couldn't resist but to try and make one myself
With my Cricut I so lovingly received from my Dad two Christmases ago, it was a cinch
paired with the boys' hand turkeys, it feels like the holiday season
now I remember why I take the time to pack it all up and take the time to put it back in the rafters for next year!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Specialty Books

CreativelyKEPT just got better!!

With more great ideas from my etsy customers and a new addition to the CreativelyKEPT team, I'm so excited to offer specialty guest books!
New Mini Envelope Wish Book
Choose your own book design and envelope color

Instant Film Camera Books with Pre-Placed photo corners that allow guests to quickly and easily slip their photo into place and sign next to their photo

Fujifilm Instax Mini Film Guest book Album

Fujifilm Instax Wide Film Guest book album

Check out my etsy shop for more details

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Card Boxes

Love making these new card boxes!
Now offering round or square in any design and a variety of sizes,
check out my etsy shop for details

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Celebrating Individuality

Creating custom has led to many personal revelations.

I've found that individuality offers uniqueness, interest, creativity, and A LOT of inventory, especially ribbon!

I've got so much inventory in fact that soon I'll be moving into my new home studio.

In anticipation of this move, I've come across a great way to organize my rolls of ribbon. I'm so excited about this revelation, there's nothing else to do now but share it with all of you!

Inexpensive Valance rods are the perfect solution. They are extremely easy to hang, the cost is only about $3 per rod, they adjust to any length you need, and they are really strong and durable. I love that the rolls can be removed and transported to your project and easily placed back. You can also slide the rolls over to make way for a new color
(that unusual colored ribbon on clearance you couldn't pass up)
that happens to go best right in the middle of the rod without having to remove any of the other rolls.

My favorite part.....just look at it!!!!
What a celebration of Individuality
I can't wait to make more custom books
without having to search through my inventory for the perfect ribbon!