Friday, January 16, 2009

New and Humble Beginnings

Welcome to Creatively KEPT!

Creatively KEPT began with an idea that came from my mother, and her business Sycamore Shades. Extremely talented, she creates lampshades as the restoration of antique shades. Her idea began with the desire to create a book for each restored lampshade describing the restoration process. With very little time, outside of creating lampshades, or interest in working with paper, I was eager to help her with these books.

After taking a major time out from creating, due to busy motherhood, once I started creating again, I couldn't stop. Creatively KEPT is the result of this new beginning!

These books were designed to accessorize the shade. The bird and colors on the shade are repeated on the cover of the book, while antiquing techniques are used on the paper.

Here is another beautiful shade designed and created by Sycamore Shades.

More by Sycamore Shades can be found displayed in
Revival Lighting store downtown Spokane

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