Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wall Art

A frustrating attempt to find the perfect wall hanging for the living room bumped into my search for ottoman fabric. I came across fabric by designer Anna Maria Horner, specifically her Drawing Room Collection. Even though the fabric wouldn't work for the ottoman, I fell in love with it and decided to order, even if it meant I would just hang it on the wall I did
Sealer made for canvas from an art supply store transforms the fabric into a suitable wall hanging and enhances fabric colors.

I'm currently working with more Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler fabrics for wall decor and will have them available in my Etsy shop soon. Have a fabric you love and would like me to turn it into a wall hanging? I'm eager to hear special order requests!

(The lampshade? Another work in progress!)


  1. I'm glad someone shares my love of this hubby was not too sure of it:)