Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Holidays

Thanks to another very lovely etsy customer, I had the opportunity to create my very first Christmas Album...I can't wait to create more next year!
This one is covered in a deep red dupioni silk and a brown/gold silk cut velvet damask.
I'm thinking vintage Santa/Christmas for next year!
Wishing everyone cherished holiday memories....and a wonderful place to store them :)

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  1. Hey Heather! I'm a friend of Jessica's, we met back when she still lived in Spokane. I was connected to your blog from your comment on her blog. I Didn't know you had this business! I LOVE IT!!! I am going to check out your website more, and I'll probably have you do future things for me! I'm really excited! You should check out my friend's blog she does quilting, and is connected with tons of people that shop Etsy and stuff..I'm not sure how that world of Etsy works...but her site is She takes a lot of photographs too, but maybe you could network through her! :) I'll pass your info along to her too! I'll be seeing you in the Blogging world!!